Best Places to Swim on Horseback

Swimming with Horses in Paradise.

Are you looking for ideal places to swim with your horse? Floating above your horse as it gallops in the water is an experience like no other. But for you to enjoy some swimming with your four-legged friend to the fullest, you need to choose a safe environment where you can have fun without compromising safety and scenic views. So, we’ve put together a list of the places you should go to find adventure in the water with your horse. 

Here are our top picks of some of our favourite places to swim on horseback in the USA. We’ve also included the must-visit sites that offer swimming sessions with horses outside the USA. Now, let’s explore the list:

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The stress-relieving ocean breeze is even better when you’re riding on a horse exploring the Garden City and Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. You can even take your horse into the water and swim along with the friendly tour guides for an unforgettable experience. 

2. Sweetgrass Creek, Montana

The Sweetgrass Creek river offers a scenic view in Montana and is also an ideal place to swim with a horse as the water drops from the spring run-off. There’s a family-owned cattle ranch in the stunning national park that offers horse riding holidays perfect for wannabe cowboys and pleasure riders who want to swim in the creek. 

3. Bradenton, Florida

You can also take horses into the refreshing water for a swim in Palma Sola Bay in Bradenton, Florida. It’s a warmer destination and an ideal spot for beach riding and swimming, and if you’re a little daring, you can even try horse surfing in the place. No need to worry about losing your balance because the warm Florida waters will cushion you if you fall. It offers a unique experience that is more than just the typical beach ride, but this is definitely a spot for more experienced riders.

4. Bonaire’s Lac Bay in the Caribbean

Once you reach the white sand beach in Lac Bay, you’ll have the chance to experience a rare bareback swim with your four-legged buddy. The water depth gradually increases so your horse has a steady transition from wading to swimming while the guide supervises you to ensure that you’re safe and having fun. 

5. Dominica

The Caribbean has a lot more to offer, it’s one of the most pristine beach destinations and Dominica is one of the best it has to offer . Since it is covered with rainforest and mountain slopes, you and your horse can enjoy a ride through the unique forestry before heading to cool off in the crystal waters. The perfect place to experience the adventurous trails and try bareback swimming with a horse. 

6. St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

This exciting destination in the US Virgin Islands offers two exciting and unique horseback rides that include beach swims. Whether you’re exploring on the island’s scenic north shore or its beautiful west coast, your eyes will have a fantastic treat- the beauty of nature. You can also take the horse into the water, take the sunset ride and get a tour of its most beautiful landmarks.

7. Keratokambos, Crete, EU

The stunning beaches, beautiful sunshine, and archaeological sites make Crete an ideal holiday destination. It’s also considered a horse-riding paradise where you can explore its craggy mountains, quaint villages, and beautiful olive groves on horseback with horses from Odysseia Stables. You can also enjoy swimming with the horses in the clear water of the Libyan Sea, which doubles the fun experience. 

8. Bali, Indonesia

This tropical paradise in Indonesia, filled with green forests, blue waters, stunning beaches, and coral reefs, is also a perfect place to swim on horseback. With the local operators and trekking centers’ help, you can experience this fantastic activity while enjoying the beautiful green backdrop.

9. Vilanculos, Mozambique

Mozambique’s white-sand beaches also offer many opportunities to explore and enjoy the relaxing place with a trail ride. If tide permits, you can also have a dip in the Sea with a four-legged companion, which will surely be fun and refreshing.  

World’s Best Stables That Offer “Swimming With Horse” Sessions

1. Tampa, Florida

A classic Ranch called “In The Breeze” established in Florida also offers free swimming lessons with equines. You can choose between two swimming locations – the beachside swimming hole and the natural lake. You are guaranteed to enjoy a relaxing experience without compromising safety since the guides will look out for you along the way, and the water stays above 22 degrees all year round. 

Price: 75 minutes for £74 per person

2. Buccoo, Tobago

A stable called “Being with horses’ in Tobago provides an opportunity to learn more about natural horsemanship in a unique environment. You can try riding a horse while swimming on the shallows of the beautiful turquoise ocean and across the bay and even venture on an education tour of a local castle. 

Price: £74 per person

3. Gros Islet, St. Lucia

If you’re looking for a fun tour for you and your horse on a tropical island a stable known as “Island Riders” might be the one for you. The tour includes a stop at a nearby bar that offers some refreshment, a ride along the white sand beach, and a splash in the island’s turquoise ocean with the horses. You can also choose what kind of scenery you prefer. Whether you opt for a beach, grassland or village, the guide will happily grant your choice of tour and make sure you have a fun time. 

Price: 2 hours for £37 per person

4. Carn Marth Lake, Cornwall

Wheal Buller Riding School’s offering in Redruth, Cornwall offers a saddle-free swimming experience with horses in the English Countryside. Just bring your swimming costume, towel, and clothes in your backpack and let the life jackets do the job while you enjoy swimming on horseback. You can also try out other riding trips they offer like beach excursions and join the pub-stop Sundays and “own a pony” days(which is a great event for young cowboy wannabes). 

Price: ‘Afternoon swim’ for £45 per person

5. Al Sahra Desert Resort, Dubai

If you thought you can’t swim on horseback in desert country, then the Desert Ranch will surely prove you wrong as you can swap camels for a horse in the stable. The ranch has many horses to choose from but you can also bring your horse to freely ride from the stables to the beach where your equine can enjoy the water. They also hold swimming with horses sessions every Monday from 7 am-9 am, which is quite perfect for equine enthusiasts and those looking start swimming with horses. 

Price: £50 per person


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