Best 35 Free Horse Clipart Available

Clipart horse

Are you looking for the best horse clipart out there? Look no more! In this article, we will present to you a collection of the best horse clip arts.

Here’s the rundown of the best horse clipart we’ve gathered for you.

  1. A sight of a mighty horse
    Rearing is a defensive behavior of horses. While this situation is not easy to handle, the sight of a rearing horse showing dominance is fantastic.
  2. A simple running horse silhouette
    A horse’s leg position and their proportion while running and the mane’s blowing makes them more fascinating even in silhouettes.
  3. A brown horse galloping
    The way a horse is galloping is another horse wonder that makes them unique, like what’s shown by this brown horse.
  4. A happy boy rider
    Riding and bonding with a horse can surely bring a smile to horse lovers. And we find this clipart too adorable as it reflects the happiness and joy we can get in joyriding.
  5. A prince on a royal horse
    There’s no doubt that every kid who had a share of a fairytale in their lives have once imagined a handsome prince riding on a white horse. It’s a beautiful childhood memory just like this clipart.
  6. A standing horse
    Sometimes, a horse doesn’t have to do anything just to perplex us. Standing in front of us like in this clip art is enough to get us enthralled by their beauty.
  7. A Clydesdale horse
    Heavy draft horses like Clydesdale are known for their unique appearance and intense charisma, and they are beautiful creatures, as portrayed in this clipart.
  8. An adorable kid taking care of her horse
    If you love feeding your horse, you’ll love this next photo showing a kid feeding her little horse. It’s just too adorable to handle!
  9. A horse cartoon
    Horses are lovely in real life, but the tiny horse in clip art is just as charming. It isn’t that surprising, though.
  10. A beautiful horse head
    Looking at a different angle, we’ll see that a horse’s head is a masterpiece, as illustrated in this photo.

Fancy for more horse clipart? Here are more photos that can give you a bundle of joy.

  1. A drinking horse
    This quirky little horse looks amusing in this clipart with its bright smile.
  2. An exhausted horse
    That feeling when you’ve overworked, and you badly need a rest. Poor horse.
  3. A Paint horse silhouette
    Another silhouette, but this time, it’s for a paint horse.
  4. Cute little foal clip art
    This funny foal looks like he’s having some fun while rearing.
  5. A horse feeding on a pasture
    Pastures are one of the horse’s best friend. The sparkle in his eyes tells why.
  6. A free-spirited horse
    Well, well, this horse looks like he’s having the time of his life, nothing less.
  7. A mare and a foal
    Horses also manifest the beauty of motherhood, and this refreshing clipart tells it so.
  8. A simple, black and white horse head
    Horse’s head is an art, and this explains why.
  9. Lively little horse
    This little horse has a bright smile, and the butterfly tickling its tail is cute.
  10. The horse and the hay
    The horse in this clipart won’t likely suffer in hunger because he’s got hay on his back.
  11. A cutesy little horse
    Another rearing horse clipart that a lively and happy horse.
  12. A realistic horse head
    Now this one is just a horse’s head, but the details and realistic layout make it look great.
  13. A racehorse with its jockey
    A racehorse running with all its might, together with its jockey, is a common scene in races, and this clipart illustrates teamwork.
  14. A happy horse on the field
    Quality pasture means a happy and healthy horse, and the horse in this pic could agree.
  15. A horse on the run
    Another running horse in a silhouette with a twist. The sun and the lines of the sky and green grass makes a difference, right?
  16. A royal white horse
    This white horse is undeniably suitable for prince and princesses.
  17. A beautiful white horse
    If the last white horse is attractive and embellished with different accessories, this white horse is absolutely gorgeous. The curls tell it all.
  18. Walking horse with a western female rider
    Now, another minimalistic silhouette that features a western woman riding on a walking horse.
  19. Funny and goofy horse
    This jumping horse clipart shows the funny side of horses, but in real life, it’s rare and can be hard to handle, though, as being funny may sometimes mean being stubborn.
  20. A pretty horse in a farm
    This photo deserves a crown not just for the beautiful farm scene but also for the pretty horse. Isn’t it’s incredible?
  21. A bathing horse
    If humans love bathing, this photo tells that horses also do.
  22. A spotted gray horse
    This flat photo is rare and adorable. Gray horses are also charming with spots, right?
  23. A cute horse with a female rider
    If you’re looking for a female jockey version, then this photo cutesy can pass.
  24. A flying horse
    An eye candy alert! This flying horse clipart can make you love horses and ponies even more.
  25. A mother and a foal in a farm
    And this lovely scene of a mother and daughter smiling is the best way to end this list. The picturesque farm plays a part too, and it’s hard not to love this sight.

So those wrap up our list for the best to most minimalistic to the most adorable and fancy horse clipart.


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